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Originally Posted by Markopolo View Post
i find arceus the strongest of them all but non-lengendary wise i think it's either Dragnite or Salamence
I'm surprised it took someone so long to mention Arceus, haha. XD It has the potential to be ANY time, and Judgement (which is a pretty powerful move) will always get STAB. Cool, amirite? :D And this is without mentioning the fact that it has the highest BST.
Despite this, I completely understand that Arceus isn't unstoppable. But I would say it's the strongest Pokemon just going by what I mentioned. Personally, I'd like to think Blaziken is something that is pretty amazing- especially since it now has access to Speed Boost. It's one of my favourite Pokemon aesthetically too. :D

As for weakest, of course it's Sunkern when going by BST. I'd like to think Metapod and Kakuna caught in Viridian Forest as the weakest though. All they can do is boost their defence until they eventually get defeated. That's... pretty sad in my opinion. Of course Magikarp with only Splash is another iconic, helpless image.