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Vincent Phoenix

Vincent glanced over his shoulder, Damion leaving him to hold up Victoria while he answered Kelsey’s soft, slightly embarrassed ‘thank you’. Normally, he would’ve been annoyed at Damion leaving him to hold up an unconscious girl on his own, but he had gotten some more respect for him, after the fight. Plus, he didn’t mind helping out Victoria, being one of his extremely few true friends, or so he felt.

He shifted around a little, Victoria’s arm still around his shoulder as he smiled warmly to Kelsey, shaking his head. “It’s alright, Kelsey. We’re in this together. Even if we didn’t have to, it’d only make sense to help each other out. If we didn’t, we’d be monsters, leaving other people to die, or at least get seriously injured. That’s just not something you do.” He shook his head a little and sent a reassuring smile to her, his left arm wrapping around Victoria’s side to steady her against his side. “So, you’re welcome.”

Nodding to Damion after his comment about Victoria being just fine, they quickly made the rest of their way to the camp. “Yeah, she’ll be fine, hopefully. Just needs a bit of rest, I feel.” They finally reached the camp, where Vincent slowly pulled the unconscious girl into the makeshift tent and gently lowered her down on some of the bedding, her Pokémon following her, clearly wanting to guard her. He looked over her to make sure she had no other wounds before looking to Pixie. “You’re in charge of keeping her safe, alright?” The Vulpix peered up at him for a few moments before yipping out. “Vul!”

He grinned softly and nodded before turning and going back to the fireplace, where the others had sat down. “Right! Let’s get some fish. Just need to save some for Victoria when she wakes up.” Flare trailed over and rested down next to Vincent, who heartily began chewing on a fish on a stick, sharing with his Pokémon.

After a few minutes, he turned his head at some rustling and groaning, to see Victoria standing in the ‘doorway’ of the shelter, looking rather groggy. “Hey, it’s okay! Hold on, I’m coming.” He got up and dusted himself off before walking over to Victoria, placing a hand on her back and offering his shoulder for support. He slowly guided her over to the side and helped her sit down as he moved back into his spot, smiling faintly.

“Good to see you up again, Victoria. How’re you feeling? You took a pretty nasty shot from that Vigoroth bastard.” He reached out and asked Damion for a fish for her, which he reached out to her, looking equally concerned for the girl’s well being, which calmed Vincent down a little, actually finding himself rather worried for Victoria.

He picked out another fish himself and dug into it, sighing deeply as he enjoyed the soft, luke-warm fish-flesh. He then slowly peered around the camp, furrowing his brows a little. “… Has anyone seen Ace? My Kadabra?” He asked, peering over at Kelsey with raised brows.
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