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Quote originally posted by Romeo010:
I'm not gonna pick axew O_O I'm picking me a nice lil electrike. btw this link was left out.
Electrike? And how are you planning to do that? :D

Quote originally posted by PlatinumDude:
Since Virizion was seen a fair few times in the trailer and the magazine, I think that it could play an important role in the storyline.
Sacred Swordsmens are pretty important Isshu legends so I also believe there will be plot with them... probably 3 dungeons for each one of them and clearing gets you to EPIC AWESOME dungeon with ULTRA EPIC boss...

Quote originally posted by Mystery Soul:
I'm curious to see if Genesect and Meloetta will be fought/recruitable in the game.
I would LOVE to have Meloetta :D She would be so cute as PMD OW :D

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