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Originally Posted by dreginy View Post
Hello, my name is Dreginy I'm new to the forums, I have however 1 other post already ;p just couldn't help myself!

So a little about myself:
I am an 18 year old male, I live in Canada, I loooovveee video games, and I love making new friends! :3

I think the main reason I signed up for this forum is for wifi trading lol :p so feel free to message me if you wanna trade. My main base of Pokemon operations, I guess you could say, is currently Pokemon black, so that's where I other to trade from. However, I will trade from Gen IV if I'm desperate enough for a specific Pokemon.

So yeah that's me :p hope to make some cool friends and make some awesome trades!

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Hi Dreginy, it's Hikari here!

You technically joined us 2 years ago, but you are still a new member due to your low postcount. Don't worry, there's a few rewards once you reach certain milestones when it comes to postcount. (I'm close to reaching another one myself)

As Miss Doronjo said, the Trade Corner is your one-stop section for any and all Pokemon trades. You can request any Pokemon you want, just be sure to offer up something well sought-after in return.

Have fun, make friends, read the rules and good luck with completing your Pokedex.

Feel free to VM me if you want!

- Hikari10
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