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Ah, I remember this series. I played the first 3 games on PS2 however I only finished the second and third games.

It was through a demo of the first game that introduced me to the series.

The games released after that didn't really interest me, didn't like the storylines of the PS3 games at all.

However, the characters are enjoyable and there's a lot of humor present which made me laugh whenever I played it.

I liked most of the cutscenes with the robots, cos they made me crack up. Also, the cameos of Jak & Daxter are something interesting, I loved how there was a cutscene in the second game where Clank imitates the dance that Daxter does when a Power Cell is collected in the first Jak & Daxter game.

I still play the original games to this day.

@Wings Don't Cry Yeah, the Qwark funeral was a memorable moment in the series. However, he actually faked his death, as shown in the final scenes.
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