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Quote originally posted by yopo:
sorry for the late reply,

mew- Aura, pokemon ranch(JPN,ENG,GER,FRA,SPN,ITA) mystery, FAL2010, any other japanese one's

shiny legendaries (UT)- cresselia, dialga, palkia, giritina, latias,latios,mewtwo, ho-oh (JPN)

T-lv100's--lugia, ho-oh, deoxys (JPN),articuno (JPN)

any other lv-- groudon(70) kyogre (70).

I'm interested in Latias/Latios. Are they RNG'd? What are their IVS?
Quote originally posted by xxlazaro:
Ok Is there anything else you need to complete you pokedex?
I'm not really looking to complete the pokedex at the moment, thanks anyways!
Quote originally posted by Medlis:
Thank you! I'm still in the middle of moving, so I might be a bit delayed for trading. I /should/ be able to trade tomorrow. If not, I'll hit you up with a VM whenever I see you online again.

Okay, I'll VM you

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