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Quote originally posted by Mentalii:
Alex btw why don't you add a Pokémon of the week system? I think it could be interesting, and bring up new topics and else.
I can't wait for the Battle Tournament.
Sure, and for suggesting it you can choose the first one! n.n Make sure you give a good reason though c;

Quote originally posted by Mentalii:
Well, without counting the legendaries for obvious reasons, I think the first one to be KOed would be Pichu. Poor little thing, in the middle of such a battle...
Oh wow, how did I forget Pichu? xD I can imagine Electrivire punching the poor thing sky high, it wouldn't stand a chance ._. It could potentially abuse it's cuteness to make sure the other Pokémon don't attack it though? :D That's the only way I can see it not getting KOed instantly xD

Quote originally posted by Mentalii:
And the winner would be Eelektros. This Pokémon is really powerful, it always gave me trouble. And the final battle would oppose it against Jolteon :3
Jolteon? Interesting, what makes you think Jolteon would get so far? It doesn't have a hugely diverse move pool, especially not for dealing with other Electric types, and it's pretty fragile... I guess it is pretty strong though and incredibly fast, it might have a good chance of avoiding the other Pokémon's attacks. If only it wasn't so defenceless against something like a Stunfisk with Ground attacks D: