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Quote originally posted by Altomare:
Why you like Dawn so much? let's see.....because she's cute? That enough? :) Also because she is a starter trainer (not sure about May) but aren't Misty and Iris Gym leader already?
Misty is, but as far as I know Iris isn't in the anime, her in-game appearance seems to be completely different to hear anime appearance x] But I agree, it's great how Dawn is just starting out on her journey, and especially how the first DP episode is mainly from her point of view. It's a great way to get to know her instantly and it feels like she's a special character and that she'll definitely be worth watching. And I love how she doesn't say anything about her bike until way into the series xD

Quote originally posted by Altomare:
Your favourite of Dawn's Pokémon: Mamoswine because it disobeys her at first. Piplup too!
Ahahah, I love Mamoswine xD It's so funny watching him disobey her every command and sit in the corner pretending not to care xD But the way she turns him round to become a great contest Pokémon, even to the extent where he can perform great moves with a completely unexpected Pokémon like Pachirisu, it really shows how great a train she is. I was seriously impressed by the Ice Chandelier move too whilst we're on the topic of her being a great trainer, though that didn't end up being Mamoswine iirc. x]