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Yeah. FireRed/LeafGreen was just Red/Green/Blue/ with GBA graphics and the option to play as a female character. It had a post-game side quest, but it was boring compared to the the other games(and I disliked how I couldn't get Mewtwo until after I unlocked the national dex and explored the Sevii Islands). I also hated how it didn't include something to do outside of battles like Contests. Don't get me wrong, I still love this game.

HG/SS atcually took orginal story of G/S/C and expanded on it in a way that FR/LG failed to. It even added more fun side quests when it didn't need to(really, how many games can you travel through 2 regions in. There's a reason G/S/C spent a decade being considered the best series by many people).

Real gamers play for fun.
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