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Justine Granger
Day 1: Episode 1
"Fun with Chemicals."

Justine jumped when a click and flash started out of nowhere. She looked behind her and saw the curly-blonde hair and lean face of Fred Sone. He had a camera and his hands and blush soon came to his face. He apologized, but Justine only half noticed. Her mind had just gotten a serious jolt. Sh*t! She forgot to do the one thing her parents had been reminding her to do for the past months. Take pictures on her camera and send them when she could. How could she already forget!? She could have gotten a picture with the doctor and maybe one or two of the lab. Luckily, her opportunity wasn't missed, she could take pictures after, and with her Pokemon next to her.

"Oh, you're fine," she responded to Fred in contrast to Riku's more sarcastic one. She smiled and turned her attention from him to the doctor, making a quick note in her mind to remember about her camera. It was somewhere in her over-stuffed backpack. Dr. Oak wheeled himself to a map of Kanto and began to explain their journey enthusiastically. They'd be gone for a year, training to become champions. It turned out that not all of this would be individual. Team challenges would come up every now and again. Justine took a quick look at everyone from her seat, wondering how easy or hard that would be. Fred and Cody seemed like they would be manageable and Riku still made her wary of his personality. Angie, she didn't know that much about her. She was iffy. Not to mention giant. Teamwork would be key since the trials to even get to the gyms were dangerous. She wondered why. Wouldn't it just be easier to battle? Possibly harming yourself and your Pokemon just to get to an already difficult battle with the gym leader seemed a little... Unfair? Yes, that may be the word she was looking for. She wasn't sure if being badly injured or dead or something was worth one gym battle. She supposed she'd have to see.

Justine grinned as the part she was waiting for came. The choosing of the Pokemon. As Dr. Oak explained, another flash from behind came out from nowhere. Riku immediately got angry, which Justine didn't get unless he really didn't like pictures. Anyways, it didn't make sense to her, the chair in the office were all seated next to each other. How could it be--? Before she could finish her thoughts or possibly put them forth, the pained call of a Pidgeot sounded from the laboratory. Justine's head snapped back in that direction, startled by the terrible cry. Dr. Oak, forgetting his speech, wheeled out into the laboratory with as much speed as his wheelchair could muster with Riku following behind. Justine stood out of her chair, took a glance at the other students, and followed after at a hurried pace with question marks over her head. She wished she'd walked because she headed straight into purple miasma. Instantly blinded, Justine ran into Dr. Oak's wheelchair, hitting one of the handles with her upper thigh.

"Ow!" She gasped, grasping the thigh with her hand and gritting her teeth. D*mn why did that have to hurt so bad? And... Ugh. Justine shuddered as nausea instantly hit her. Whatever this gas was, she was realizing it wasn't exactly safe. Inhaling a mouthful wasn't exactly going to help her. Not only that, but she got a mouthful of this unknown, nauseating stench. She austomatically grimaced, plugging her nose in an attempt to rid the smell. What was that? Other than the doctor, Riku was near her and he heard his voice clearly in the fog. Unfortunately she couldn't bring herself to do much other than groan. She felt like she was going to barf all over the floor. She hoped not, that wouldn't exactly help the situation. She grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her nose, just like she learned from every TV show and from a few informational meetings, to filter the air in hopes of something she could breathe. As Cody began to speak a feminine voice interrupted him, making clear the capture of their apparent target. Target? What tar--... Oh. The target became clear when Justine felt that Oak was no longer with them. She braced herself to run forward, maybe she could find him if she went up there? She didn't get much of a chance to act before something shot out into the darkness and wrapped around her wrist. She shrieked, startled by what grabbed her. Her imagination immediately created the image of her being dragged into the fog and stolen away like the Doctor and an icy vein of fear grabbed onto her heart. She was lucky though, she guessed. It was that same injured Pidgeot that saved her.

The smoke cleared as it weakly blew away the poisonous fog, revealing five masked people and two Pokemon, a Bellsprout and a Grimer. The Bellsprout had three vines coming from its body. Two from behind its leaf arms and one straight from its mouth. Justine pulled against the vine from its mouth, now both afraid of capture and disgusted by the origin of this appendage. Dr. Oak and the other scientists around were immobilized and gunk that resembled the body of the Grimer was stuck over their eyes. It had to have been responsible for the gas and... And the smell. It was practically a Grimer's trademark. A smell that could knock out and elephant and kill dogs. It wasn't exactly one you could get used to very quickly either. The five masked intruders stood in a row, the tallest with Oak thrown over his shoulder, the others ready for battle, all somehow unaffected by the smell. At the end, one of the intruders were short and wearing what seemed like combat boots. She, being the only girl, must have been the one who called out earlier.

Some of the fog still lingered but enough was gone for a clear view. Justine looked at the ground, five balls fallen onto the ground in an almost hazardous fashion. She grabbed the one behind her, eyes stuck on the five people and the Bellsprout. When she grabbed her ball and the others as well, it was clear that this moment would not go by without a battle. The Bellsprout retracted its vines and nimbly went back to its trainers side. Dropping the Dr. Oak, the tallest of the five went through his own little pre-battle spiel.

"You kids are lucky, our missions are usually pulled of flawlessly and we're never seen. It's a shame, he wanted you five unharmed. But unfortunately I'm calling the shots here. Fire at will." Just as he finished, the other three tossed their Pokeballs into the air, releasing what they had hidden until now. The man directly in front of Justine released a Klink. The gear Pokemon rotated left and right, eyes narrowed, before it came to a stop.

Justine pressed the middle button of the Pokeball, enlarging it, and tossed it forward. Just as she released the grunt called an attack.

"Klink, Vice Grip!" The Pokemon reacted immediately, gears rotating as it zoomed forward, straight at the Pokeball Justine just threw. The ball opened, releasing in a white light the Pokemon it held inside. Before it had a chance to close, the Klink reached it, catching it by the top between two gears. The Klink made a noise that sounded like metal hitting metal and its gears suddenly began to move at an incredible speed, pulling the Pokeball between both gear-bodies and crushing it. The ball exploded into bits of plastic, glass, and metal, becoming nothing in seconds. Justine's jaw dropped. It was like watching someone run over your brand new, 64-gig iPod. Only this was much more expensive and much cooler than an iPod. Small pieces of the Pokeball sat stuck between the Klink's gears and it rotated again at the same speed, this time backwards, sending the pieces flying into random directions. "D*mn," the grunt said behind the Pokemon, a grin coming to his face, "just a little too late."

If it weren't for his statement, Justine may never have broken out of her daze. She closed her mouth, immediately frowning. Oh, this guy was an a*shole. But he wouldn't be grinning for very long. Not after she got through with him using her.... Squirtle? She looked down at the water-pokemon. Its hands were up to its nose, sheilding the stench, but his eyes were locked on the Klink, wide and red and fearful. He must have seen what had happened to that Pokeball. His body trembled visibly.

"Squir-squiirrr...!" He managed to say shakily. Justine took her eyes away from the Pokemon when laughter began to start. She narrowed her eyes at the grunt. Yeah, this a*shole was going to get it.

"Come on, Squirtle. You got to help me out on this one!" Squirtle didn't respond, he probably didn't hear her. The Klink made a malevolent grin at the young Pokemon and loudly, it suddenly let forth a yell of its name, its voice harsh, robotic, and deep. What sounded like a scream came out of Squirtle's lungs and he ran over to Justine, being the only safe looking person in range of him. He grabbed the leg of her pants, burying his face into her in an attempt to hide. She bent down quickly, grabbing him into her arms and holding him against her. This wasn't good. Not at all. She didn't know how to handle this. There weren't a lot of classes in this academy that went over comforting a Pokemon in the middle of a crucial battle. Squirtle's actions only made the grunt laugh harder, having to hold his stomach to contain it all. That was really pissing her off.

"Klink!" He had to force out, "Vice Grip a-again!" The Klink rotated itself again and went towards Justine and Squirtle. Not wanting to end up like the Pokeball she ran out of the way. As fast as the Klink could move, it turned slowly, having to reduce its speed before it could make an accurate turn. It came after them again, Justine once again dodging out of the way. Justine didn't think she could keep this running around up and the Klink didn't seem like it would stop anytime soon. It was about two tries after that it made contact. As Justine moved to get out of the way again, she tripped, stumbling backwards. By the time she gained her footing the Klink was too close to evade and in a second it caught Squritle's tail between two gears.

"Squirt-Squirtle!" Immediately her little Pokemon began to panic, kicking and flailing in Justine's arms. He moved so furiously that she couldn't keep hold of him and half let go, half dropped him on the ground. Squirtle ran about on the ground, trying to escape from the Klink. He ran into lab tables, knocking his tail against them to try and force the Klink loose, but it held tight and was mostly unaffected. The grunt had calmed down, but Squirtle's new attempt excited a new round within him. Justine couldn't find the hilarity in it herself. When the Klink finally removed itself, Squirtle immediately retracted his body into his shell as tightly as he possibly could, trembling within it. The Klink began to roar with what seemed like uncontrolled laughter. Its voice was ugly and near grating and its noise caused its trainer to accompany it with his own. Justine ran to Squirtle and picked him up, holding him close to her chest and looking angry and their two opponents. She didn't recall when this had turned into a Funny Fest and this was starting to get extremely annoying. She didn't want anything more than just to... To... She looked down at Squirtle, cowering in his shell and then back at the grunt. Yeah...

"Sorry about this, Squirtle," she whispered to him. She grabbed his shell in both hands and yelled at the grunt. "Hey, Jackass!" She lifted her hand and tossed her Squirtle directly at him. "Laugh at this!" The shell flew sideways through the air, hitting the grunt straight in the face just as he looked.

"F*ck!" The grunt put his hands over his nose and continuing his curses out loud. The Klink made an angry sound and rotated at her threateningly, approaching slowly. Squirtle, peeked outside of his shell, still shaking. Across the room he could see Dr. Oak on the ground. He exited his shell and got to his feet, but before he could run to the fallen man, he was snatched up by the back of his shell by an angry hand. He kicked and flailed in a futile attempt to escape the clutches of his bleeding captor. "Quit that, you little sh*t," the grunt growled, but it did very little to stop Squirtle. The grunt only became more irritated when Squirtle began to shoot bubbles in his face. The grunt shook him again and began to handle him roughly, holding him in a restraining way. Justine regretting using her own Pokemon as a weapon. "Alright, Klink," the grunt said, holding Squirtle's chin up to expose his neck. "Just like with the Pokeball."

The Klink made a deep and malevolent laugh, rotating itself to charge for the attack. Justine hoped that what was going to happen was just some stupid thought she made up on her own, but she didn't have the time to wait and see. She had to act quickly before something terrible happened. She looked left and right. All that was around her were the other battles and lab tables with test tubes and whatever else. She grabbed the first thing she could see, an entire test tube wrack of assorted chemicals. She threw the entire wrack, test tubes and all, at the readying Klink. It hit the Pokemon straight on and it seemed like two and a half second pause before it reacted. Screaming a terrible Pokemon scream, the Klink went erratic, throwing itself this way and that in an attempt to get the liquids off of its body. It rotated its gears and shook itself, but that only succeeded in getting more spread on its body. The sound made a chill go through Justine and the grunt himself gaped. Justine though he may have even looked a little pale. Hands to her face, Justine couldn't believe what she'd done. She didn't mean to, she didn't want to! Not like that anyways. All she was trying to do was protect her Squirtle, no harm in that, right? Apparently harm had been caused, definitely.

As the Klink hollared and ran the edges of its steel body seemed to change color, but Justine could hardly get a good look before the pain crazed Pokemon shot out the window, forcing itself through the glass pane into somewhere else it could find relief. The grunt dropped Squirtle and ran to the window, eyes wide and in as much disbelief as Justine was. He stared out the window for a few moments before turning his eyes to Justine, a frown coming to his face.

"You..." The grunt went from the window and approached her slowly, shaking with anger. "You little b*tch!" Justine took a step back, realizing now she may have had more than a Pokemon problem.
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