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I remember getting the game on release day (March 6th), and I was so bummed that I couldn't play it because I didn't have a DS! >_< So I couldn't play it till months later and to be honest, it was totally worth the wait! I had the perfect team in mind, even though I had to make a couple adjustments. I originally wanted a Swanna and a Minccino, but it was later replaced by Leavanny and Mienshao during the gameplay. I was told that those two Pokemon were powerhouses and I couldn't agree more!

I was widely impressed with Unova. It was a much different experience than all the other regions, not just graphics-wise, but the storyline was really intriguing and it made me want to pick up my game and play more! Though it's not my first favorite region, it's the region that totally changed the way I play Pokemon today.
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