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I think the biggest thing for me was the wow-factor this generation produced. Generation 4 was an improvement in graphics but it didn't feel like much else. Gen 5 gave me the feelings I got the first time I saw gen 2, which was like... whoa, obvious gameplay improvement. 8)

I was dating a guy at the time B/W came out and he was almost as into Pokemon as I was, haha. So we went to Gamestop on release day and bought it, and then sat outside of the mall in a park playing until it got dark (I think the only reason we had to stop was because his battery was dying.)

Good times. :D
into this wild abyss
the womb of nature
and perhaps her grave
of neither sea nor shore nor air nor fire
but all these in their pregnant causes mixed confusedly
and which thus must ever fight
unless the almighty maker them ordain his dark materials to create more worlds
into this wild abyss the wary fiend stood on the brink of hell
and looked a while
pondering his voyage
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