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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

During the game, you probably need to go away from the said map in order for the changes to take effect.
Example, you added an NPC outside Pallet Town, and you saved outside the said town as well. In order for the changes to happen, restart the game with your emulator, head inside a house, and head out for the map to be completely refreshed.

But if it still does not work, then maybe you are assigning the wrong offset to the NPC, or the NPC is affected by the map's level script.
If still not working, then I have no clue about why that is happening. :\
Thanks! That fixed the problem in terms of the sprite updating. I'll be back after classes to see if I can get the script to work now


The scripts work now, hurrah! Thanks again

Okay, a couple more questions now that I've got simple scripts working:

I more or less understand the concept of flags, but is there some place I can find a list of unused flags in Ruby? PKSV only shows FR/LG. Or alternatively, is there a way that I can manually check to see if a flag is unused?

Also, how can I check to see if the player has a specific item/badge/pokemon?