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That's right. If you didn't know already, our favorite fourth wall breaking mercenary AKA the Merc with a Mouth, better known as Deadpool, is finally, finally, coming out with his own game. For god knows how long, he's been in supporting roles (my favorite being Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds). Not the case anymore, as you can see by the trailer above. The game's completely in Wade's narrative. Apparently, the game's story is being penned by Deadpool's comic writer, Daniel Way, so I personally think that this won't flop. At least, not as bad as they made the Deadpool character look in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He's called the Merc with a Mouth. Speaking of Wolverine, he's expected to show in the game as well.

The game's coming out sometime in 2013, though a date has yet to be released. Which is just as well, since the game's in it's early stages still. I hope I manage to save enough. Are you buying it? Discuss!

Edit: Wade's telling me to check out the video game site as well, found here. It's pretty hilarious, actually.
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