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Quote originally posted by crimsonskarmory:
Digimon World 3 is the best RPG I have played on PlayStation 1.
Digimon World 3 was sooooo good. Everything about that game was just so awesome, especially the pseudo-isometric graphical style. Being in the digital world, having those card battles, exploring the cities... man, that was so much fun.

+1 props to you. 8) Good choice.

Quote originally posted by Ach7AC:
Best PS1 game? That's a hard one. For me, the PS1 had one of the best libraries of all time. So I'd say it was Legend of Dragoon. It had an innovative battle system, not to mention a quite good story, alongside awesome music. I fail to see why this game has never had any sequels, prequels(there is a lot of potential for a LoD prequel) or even spin-offs.
YES! I was going to post this!! :D Legend of Dragoon is soooo underrated. I loved that game so much. The music and the storyline were so emotional, I still think back to it sometimes. It was revolutionary at the time, and it was SO LONG. Four disks. Haha.

Quote originally posted by Razer302:
PS1 had so many great games, For me Digimon World 1 and 3 where great games. Still play them now and Digimon World 1... So hard to get anything past champion level it was a great achievement.

Dino Crisis to gets a mention aswell. Still have my copy of both these games but my ps1 has unfortunately broken so I can't play them. but game was great.
Digimon World 1 and 3 were excellent. Do you remember numbe 2? XD; It was so god-awful. Let's pretend it never happened, lol.
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