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Creed Reese
Oreburgh City

Creed watched quietly as Lucy whisked Amy away. He sighed, and then scratched his head. "Well damn..." he said to himself. He looked around to see what else there was to do, then he looked to Mount Coronet. He was too close to see the top, but he knew that his destination was there (it didn't really matter, though, since he couldn't see at all). "Arceus?'re such a naive idiot." He shook his head and started walking towards the mountain. It was clear that Mako wasn't going to awaken for a good while thanks to the trauma that afflicted him prior to the transformation.

Then, up ahead, he noticed that Lucy and Amy were heading in the same direction; it was a little hard to miss, what with Amy's outbursts. It was the cutest thing Creed'd ever seen, Amy in Lucy's arms (Amy wearing Mako's beanie, no less), and even his cold heart turned to mush at the sight. A large grin came over him, one of pure ecstasy. In his head he started conjuring up several ways to approach the situation; one was to surprise them upon reaching Coronet, another was to sweep Lucy off of her feet in a maniacal yet seemingly amorous way. He was having a field day with the ideas. He finally settled on one; it wasn't as flashy as he liked, be he knew how Lucy was when she was irritated or surprised, and he certainly didn't want to be eaten again. He simply walked faster until he was slightly behind Lucy and matched her speed. He scoffed at the simplicity and lack of flare, but he was complacent with things as they were, at least, for the moment.
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