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I had wanted to be surprised and decide as I went along, but my little cousin came practically squealing to me about how Lucario is in the game(early in the game) and showed my the animated trailer with Kyouhei. I was like "Crap, I missed out on using Lucario in Platinum. It will be on my team."

So, I went through the new dex(which has a lot of Hoenn pokemon. Is that a possible remake hint?) and for now, I'm going to have:

Emolga or Galvantula(still undecided on my electric type)
Chandelure(I love it and wanted to use it in Black, but I already had Reshiram)
Starmie(I've been wanting to use one on a non-mono team since forever. Tied with Milotic as my absolute favorite water type)
White Kyurem

Edit: I'm going with Emolga and I'm going raise a Hydreigon since White Kyurem will probably be banned from the World Tournament.


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