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Dang... Shattered just like that. xD Expected as much. It's true, sadly, people wont work without incentive and to maintain a system like that, they'd have to be willing to produce more and ultimately, work more. A system like this could never work as long as there is just one person who says "no".

And I agree, there will always be the rich and poor, I just thought poverty might have been masked a bit to a point that not even they noticed because they could live without worrying where they were going to sleep and what they were going to eat. I used to think that poverty didn't exist before, when money wasn't even a thought. But it did, in the form of possession. Who had more land or chickens, those were the rich. xP

Still though, you've got to agree that there is indeed something wrong with the way we live, isn't there? Or is it just me. I feel there's something that needs to change and I can't figure out just what it is. The only thing that could possibly change is the way people think, but it's impossible.

What else do you guys know about the way money rotates the world? Any information is appreciated. xP

Edit: @AlexTheRose, what movie is that? I'd like to watch it.
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