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Quote originally posted by GermanPokefan:
Hello.I'm intressted at the following
GCEA Totodile
GCEA Cyndaquil
Pokepark Celebi
Italy ESTEU09 Regigas

So I can give you a GCEA Delibird at the 4th Gen,a VGC10 Eevee at the 4th Gen,and a SMR Keldeo too.But I need yours at the 4th Gen.So I hope we come in buisness.Thank you.
I'm only interested in your GCEA Delibird and german SMR Keldeo
Quote originally posted by Orrun:
Hey would you be interested in the following?

JPN Kyushu Bullet TrainExtremeSpeed Pikachu UT (shiny)
Pokemon Center Fukuoka Groudon UT (non-shiny)
Pokemon Center Fukuoka Kyogre UT (shiny)

And yes I have checked them and Pokecheck confirms they are legal.
I already have those, sorry
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