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Quote originally posted by CycloneGU:
That's not accurate. Until Unova, Lucky Eggs were only happened upon via wild Chanseys with a 5% chance of them holding one (can you say "Thief", anyone?). The Chansey line was not available in the Black version of the game; while they still can hold Lucky Eggs, Black players would be forced to rely on trading to acquire one. Therefore, Juniper was made to provide the first-ever Lucky Egg item not found on a wild Chansey. More can be found on Route 13 via the treasure guy.

Not really. Other version exclusives like more evolution stones are found in Black City, something White has to work for, plus each have more version exclusives in general. The fact that the exp system changed meant you needed to use the Lucky Egg more than you would before, so even still I'd put that down to the grinding thing, rather than the Chansey line not being able to be obtained in Black.
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