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Quote originally posted by Ausaudriel:
I did a little bit more research and it looks like I wasn't totally right. It's hard to nail-down (or maybe I'm just sucking at finding the information) but most sources seem to agree that it's about as powerful as the current gen, maybe a little bit better. But not by much.

I'm not trash-talking it or anything. I just know Nintendo isn't exactly known for caring about graphical power. :P
Interestingly, they always had the stronger consoles in every generation until the Xbox arrived... and they realized the N64 AND the Gamecube, despite being more powerful than both the PS and the PS2, were a failure- because Sony had CD's and DVD's. That's when they stopped caring about graphics and went for "everything else" that could make the console "different" and work as a selling point. And suddenly, once the Wii arrived, everyone forgot the ad campaigns, back from the Genesis era, which could be summed up as "the SNES is more powerful than the Genesis period" and be convinced that "Nintendo never cared about power". You are playing with power anyone?

Anyway, as far as I can tell, this superslim console is strangely surreal. First, the system specifications and launch dates are very different in each region:

Second, the WiiU is barely more expensive (in Japan, in fact, the prices are THE SAME) and they can sell it as a completely new console. Will you want to buy a new version of a console that has been around for almost a decade or buy a completely new one for that same price? If they really want to pose a threat to Nintendo, they should have sold it at half-price. I'm pretty sure we can have less hdd storage and instead pay only €150.

What were they thinking?
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