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Quote originally posted by IceGod64:
Everyone DOES remember that essentials has like, four Mini-games now by default, right? That's quite enough of them when the actual battle scripts still need so much TLC.
Six: Triple Triad, Slot Machine, Voltorb Flip, Lottery, Mining, and that sumo Duel thing.

I agree, mini-games shouldn't be my priority. I'll add ones made by other people, though, if they're up to scratch.

Quote originally posted by IceGod64:
Maruno, do you know how wish works in essentials? I don't have the time to test it right now, but it SHOULD Heal for half of the User's maximum HP. In Gen III and IV, it healed for for half of the TARGET's HP(Making it much less effective for healing). That is probably how it works.
Wish currently works as it did in Gen 3. I've made a note on the wiki's Function codes page about it.
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