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Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
None of them should of been banned except for the Porygon one. The rest were just idiotic to ban. It's pokemon how bad can it be?

If a childrens show episode is banned, there's a reason for it. Remember that Game Freak is a place of business. They aren't going to do something or overlook a potential risk that could hurt sales.

Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
Just cuz theres guns doesn't mean a damn thing. Look at all the movies that are gettin played today. Little kids watch them and they are gang related, sexual related (sometimes), violence, profanity, and explosions and stuff. Pokemon does have any of those. Yet 1 episode has guns but who cares? It's not like the kid watching it is gonna grow up a murder or anything. How thick can their skulls be?

Movies like The Dark Knight Rises? Which is rated PG-13? Exactly, Pokemon is a kids show, with a target demographic as young as preschool kids. Violence, profanity, and sex don't belong in programs for kids.

Also, there have been a few cases where kids DO attempt to do things seen in cartoons such as start fires and play with guns. Kids sometimes don't understand that fiction is fiction, so they don't want kids pointing guns at each other just because it happened to Ash and Pikachu. The earthquake thing is because it was a horrible event that resulted in death and destruction.

Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
How about the Jynx one? So what Jynx has a black face it doesn't have race at all involved in it.

That doesn't change what it resembles. It may not have been intended to be racist, but when someone complains about something like that, it could hurt your business not to address it.

Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
They banned them for the wrong reason and runined the series as a whole. Hate on me go ahead but you guys know where I'm comin from.

No. Only a handful of episodes where banned out of a series of 700+ episodes and over a dozen movies total. The series has not suffered for banning these episodes.

Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
Now what about the one where James has breasts and what not. So? It's funny it's there to make kids laugh not to say homesequality is ok. Once again banned for the stupidest reasons.

James wore dresses in several episodes of the first season that were not banned so it had nothing to do with that. It's different when he was in a suit that gave him breasts in a bikini posing as a woman in a swimsuit contest. Though, this episode was edited an aired.

Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
They way they banned them makes me wonder, why didn't they ban all the episodes where Brock goes all crazy on the women? They didn't cuz it was funny but apparently the people who banned them are too retarded and low lifed to let a little kid watch the program. So yes I want them releases but I know it ain't gonna happen.....

Brock flirted with the girls, but to my knowledge, he never did or said anything inappropriate to them, so there was no reason to ban those eps or edit them. Johnny Bravo was far worse.

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