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Originally Posted by Ice Car View Post
Oh, and:

Roland and Lilith are girlfriend/boyfriend. Lilith refers to Roland as her boyfriend soon after you first meet her and her behavior and speech in some ECHO recordings and her normal dialogue affirm to this.
OMG I clicked the spoiler not really caring much about it but... Haha.
My brother played as Roland and I played as Lilith the first time :(

I agree, it is an amazing game! EVERYONE MUST GET IT lol especially if you're a fan of the first one. I'm still under level 10 so I haven't found impressive gear yet. I'm looking forward to seeing the story unfold. There's a lot of banter from Handsome Jack, Claptrap, etc. I'm laughing like 5 times a level lol.

I already posted some thoughts on someone's profile so I can go ahead and be lazy and paste it lol ???

Okay so the weapons don't look like carbon copies anymore. There's a lot more variety, even though there are some just called revolver or shield. I mean, variety in name and effects. One gun, once you reload, turns into a grenade. You automatically toss out the gun into the open space and then you get a new reloaded gun. Idk technology lol. Though, the variety in the beginning is something weird. I seem to be only finding pistols, terrible quality shotguns, and some decent rifles. Some others are finding the same stuff but maybe that's how it is in the beginning. I want an SMG!

Okay so the graphics are better imo. It's especially not all brown anymore. I still get a little lost because I'm not used to the area. There's a mini map in the corner of the screen. It's tons better than the waypoint in the bottom center.

The main menu and the in-game menu are much more detailed. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with how much crap is going on in the backpack or the skill tree. There's lots of stuff to read.. Well, there's more room for looking at gun stats and customizing your skills!

Speaking of customization... You can change your character colors using pre-set themes. Idk, I rather liked being able to choose a color per thing in BL1. You can change the hair or headpiece. Right now, I haven't collected many different skins. You can also collect different color skins for the car.

The beginning played out a lot like the first one, so I am a happy camper so far. CATCH A RIIIIIIIIDE

As for playing as Siren, she's alright. Her ability is insanely helpful for someone with terrible aim and spastastic nature like myself. I'm not sure about her personality so far. I hope she's just confident in general like good ol' Lilith.

The driving feels the same for me. I do like how sometimes money is automatically collected. Sometimes it is not, not sure why.

Lol if only I had a diary of my own for all of this as I travel Pandora. XD
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