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Progress Update!
Working on the wild zones first and getting them mapped out before I do the Arena (may not have wild pokemon but just getting them up and running. Not all will be included in the next beta (dragon is the only one certain to not be included.)
Bug: 4/4
Fire: 6/6
Electric: 6/6
Water: 6/6
Ghost: 5/5
Grass: 5/5
Flying: 4/4
Ground: 5/5
Normal: 5/5
Rock: 4/4

Dark: 1/4
Psychic: 1/3
Fighting:1 /4
Ice: 0/3 *need to rip tileset*
Steel: 1/3
Poison: 0/3 *need to rip tileset*
Dragon: 0/2
So I have quite a bit to do, and I think I'm going to add in more than the six next Arena Challenges. My computer is a bit iffy so idk how much I should do with it not backed up anywhere... I've mapped the six Arena Challenges just haven't added in the pokemon trainers yet. Off to do some more mapping though.
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