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Other episodes:

A splendorous day arose since Bob and Derek stopped being friends and staying away as possible. A bright warm light reached through the windows like it's breaking through. Sparkles erupted inside the soothing light. The halls seem to be quiet, until the bell rang like a siren, releasing the young pack of wolves who seem to be in a rush. Bob quietly came out of his Art class, still thinking about what happened between him and Derek.

He walked to his locker near his Language Arts classroom and then he saw a girl, a cute one, he was distracted by her looks. Bob's mouth opened and a stream or water came out of his mouth like a waterfall. His heart beated rapidly like it's going to burst. She has short jeans, orangish-red hair like the orange fruit, her blue eyes are like the clear blue sky. Her lips are pink as a cherry, she wears a short blue jacket with a pink shirt with a heart logo.

Seconds later, Derek and his buddies are walking to lunch, then they went back to Bob, giggling about what he is doing. Derek put his hand over Bob's shoulder.

"Hey Bob, what cha doing? You lost your mind?" Derek said, sarcastically.

Bob shaked his head and got over the hypnosis of the girl. "Uhhh..... Is this girl....... new here? And...... who is she......" Bob slowly murmured.

"Her name is Natalie, and yes, she is new here." Derek then though of a plan to embarrass Bob, he giggled silently.

"Derek, why laugh?" Bob questioned.

"Bob, maybe you should go to her and introduce to yourself, so you can meet her more easier." Derek said, sarcastically again.

Bob gulped. "OK........ I'll do it."

Bob gulped again, then he slowly walked and walked. The boys were giggling on how nervous Bob is. "When he gets to talk to her..... something funny will happen." Derek quietly said. When Bob was about to talk to her, she accidentally slammed Bob's face with her locker.

He fell down. The guys laughed pointing at him. "Oh, sorry for that!" Natalie said. Bob quickly came up, shivering. "H...... hiiiiiii..... My name.... *twitches* is---" Bob then twitched, Natalie got annoyed, more people came and saw Bob twitching.

The girl went back a bit, scared about what he's doing. "My.... name.. is. is. is." Bob is twitching worse, then he choked when he was trying to say it, then he passed out, and Natalie ran away. People laughed so hard and pointed at him.


"Wow, this nerd makes a fool out of himself AGAIN."

"Seriously, this is funny as in the episode when Josh twitched in Drake and Josh!"

"And this is the funniest thing I've seen since he got whipped badly by Derek!"

People just left, walking down the stairs in lunch, while Bob is curled, unconscious. Then after Lunch ended, the class when to their final period classes, chattering like a parrot over and over. While in Honors Math, Bob then look at the back of his seat, and saw Natalie, he then sweated and put his head down, thinking about how cute she is.

"Ok class, you will be assigned in a special project worth 10% of your grade. It's a project where you work on a model city, with making cities, towers, and any other places out of shapes. It's due on May 11th, Friday. Please get a partner, it's pairs of 2s."

Everyone quickly got out of their seats, and chose their partners, then Bob went to Natalie's desk slowly. He's still nervous about what happened. (Oh......... what if she turns me down like Miranda did in 6th grade? I don't want her to find me weird. *inhales, then exhale* Calm down Bob, you got this.) Bob then got his seat and sat down.

He then inhales deeply, and exhales softly. "Uh....... Natalie, I was sorry about me acting weird, I was nervous to meet you and--" Natalie put her finger between Bob's lips.

"It's ok, I've met guys that reacted like this when they mert me, but you are funny." Natalie said.

"Wow, thanks. Plus..... How old are you, and when's your birthday?" Bob questioned, then he gulps again.

"I'm 13 and that my birthday is in February 14th, 1997. And for additional information, I came from Florida, but I moved here because it's more safer. Plus, how old are you?" She stared at him, smiling.

"I'm 12 and my birthday is in a few weeks, and how was it like in Florida?" Bob moves a bit closer to Natalie.

"It's ok, the humid yet breezy air is refreshing, but the animals from the sea are dangerous so I moved here. Plus, you seem to be a nice guy Bob. And you want to sit with me at lunch?" Miranda said.

Bob gulped and sweats frequently. "Wait, wait's wrong?" Natalie questioned, as she placed both her hands at Bob's shoulder, then Bob frowns and stops shivering. "Oh nothing, but ok."

57 minutes passed since then, then the bell rang, again. A numerous amount of students came rushing down like they were running away from an earthquake. Everyone quickly got their food, and that Bob then picked his tasty Pizza, his nutritious milk, with his Doritos "Cool Ranch" bag, he sat at an empty table, waiting for Natalie to come.

Then Natalie was walking with her tray with a Cheeseburger, fries, ketchup, and a water bottle. She smelled them and they smell just like a perfect lunch to eat. Then she was quickly taken to an empty room with no distractions.

"Wait, who took me here?" Natalie timidly said.

"Ssshhhh..... Bob may notice." An anonymous voice answered.

"Ok, why did you take me here because of Bob? Does he have anything to do with this?"

The mysterious person didn't respond.

"Does he have anything to do with this!?" Natalie yelled.
"Yes he does, and that I am his ex friend Derek. You see, the reason why I took you here is because that Bob is a really negative and annoying brat."

"He's not, he's a really nice guy! Why say that he is?" Natalie yelled.

"Ok, here is the reason why I left him. Because he gets angry of the littlest things. When I am not with him, he gets all upset and starts hitting me. He is also violent too. Remember seeing an emperor exactly like him, taking over the world a month ago?" Derek questioned.

Natalie then think hard inside of what Derek was trying to say, then she remembers. "Yes I do, but really, what I don't get is why I see him as a funny and nice guy when you find him annoying and violent."

"Ok, so I actually do want to be with you and that I can help you get more friends without being with that annoying brat every single day. So you want to hang out?" Derek reached his hand right in front of her face.

She then thinks harder and harder, until it popped out of her head. "Yes, you seem to be more exciting, cool, and trustworthy. And that I heard that Bob said that you were a punk, you are a punk, only a cool one."

She then grabs his hand and then they sat at a different table, talking to each other, while Derek's friends came to sit and that they get to know her too. Meanwhile, Bob sighed of how she never came. Tears began bursting out his eyes, like if his eyes where a cloud raining, while a stream of disgust began streaming out of his nose. Bob began to think inside of his shallow skull. (Why Natalie why? I thought we were friends, you seem to be a really nice girl but yet you left me, why?) Bob put his head down, crying as he pounds the table with is clenched fist.

After 20 minutes, Recess began. A group of 7th and 8th graders began rushing up the stairs down to the door to the back of the school. They came out talking, playing football, and any other miscellaneous stuff. Bob then slowly came out of the steel door, while his head is down. He then slowly walked to the bench, and sat there, putting his head at his hand. He sighed.

"Derek, you are so cool!" Bob then heard a voice similar to Natalie, he put his head up, then he heard it again, he tried finding the voice, until he found Natalie sitting over Derek. He ran to them as it's like a real situation.

Derek was showing videos of him skateboarding at a high ramp. Derek then stopped playing his laptop and looked at Bob. He groaned at a horrible tone and slapped his own face with his hand. Bob then took Derek away from Natalie.

"Derek, why did you take Natalie away from me? She's supposed to be with me!" Bob questioned.

"You see, this is why I left you. You overreact of the littlest things, even when it's not my fault, when I don't show up, you say "Oh... *sniffles* why didn't you show up!? Why didn't you be with me?"

I don't do that, and that why be ungrateful of me showing up sometimes and that you still complain and that you tend to act violent, beside, she agreed to be with me, because she finds me cool, funny, and awesome, unlike you, because YOU are ANNOYING, WHINY, BORING, IRRITATING, AND VIOLENT. And you will NEVER change, NEVER!"

Derek the pushed Bob to the ground, Bob was shivering, while his scraped back started to bleed rapidly like a wave of water washing down to the sea. "Derek...." Bob emitted a small noise, but Derek ignored him and went back to Natalie.

"Natalie, let's go to back to the back of the school, where we WON'T get distracted by annoying little pests." Derek then took her hand, she got up, then they walked away, passionately. Bob looked at them, they were happy together, and that this is what always happen when he loses friends. He cries silently and passed out while he is still on the rocky surface.

Then at night, Bob wasn't eating his dinner, silently, and his dad was staring at how Bob seems to be depressed badly lately. Tears came out of his dull eyes. "drip" "drip" His dad then felt anxious and took Bob to his room.

"Look Bob, what's going on? You hardly ever talk to me about your problems. Look, I'm your buddy right?" Mr. Martin said.

Bob still has his head down, his his sweater having dried tear and mucus stains. "Dad, it's just....... Derek..... he dumped our friendship......" Bob quietly said.

"Huh, he did? but why? You two always look happy together. Why would he do that?" His dad questioned.

"Because... *sniffle* he finds me annoying, boring, unchangeable, and whiny. And he's right. And he dumped me for popularity, we got in a fight, and that he whipped me by his belt, he whacked me by a baseball bat, he slammed me by his heavy backpack, and he put me in fire!

And he got new friends, every single day, they beat me up, and many people call me weak! Plus he stole my new friend who seems to understand me, but now she hate hates me! And I can't toughen up, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!"

Bob then cries more and more, while he stomps multiple times. His dad then put his had over Bob's shoulder.

"Bob, I know that you want your friends back and that you want to beat Derek's @$$, but you have to get over it. And I can't believe that he did this to you! I'm going to call his parent's house and to explain about what he did to you!

And that you go straight to your new friend and tell her about what Derek did to you right away! Bob, I don't get why people pick on you, you are a special boy and that I know that." Bob's dad then hugged Bob, opened his door, and went downstairs. Bob then fell down to his bed and slept.

The next day, Bob was walking about of the door like he always does for recess, and that he tries to search any nook and cranny for Natalie, then he saw Natalie walking with Derek, laughing. Bob then ran to them again, and interrupted them from laughing.

Derek then groaned in an unpleasant way. "Ugh..... why are you--"

Bob then blocks Derek's lips from opening with his palm. "Derek, shut up! I am sick of you trying to make me miserable, huh!? And it's wrong for you to take my friend away from me!

Really!? I've now understood friendship, it's about hardened trust, giving each other help, sympathy, comparability with positive relationships, and to not complain over little stuff. And that I've seen that you have taken her because that you only like her for her looks, not for her personality."

Bob then turns to Natalie, smiling for real.

"And for Natalie, I'm really sorry about me being uncool, I just want to get to know you, and that I'm not good making friends. Plus, when I met you, you were very pretty, but I've realized that I was a fool for that, and I really want you to help me be cool, be like everyone else, and that so I can be like you. And that you are smart, pretty, and special.

Plus, Derek made his girl beat me up and put my head in a sack. And that he whipped me with his belt, he whacked me by a baseball bat, he beat me with his big bag, and he set me on fire. Plus, he talks behind my back and that he didn't care about me getting hurt. I actually want to be like, for being like everyone else, and for not being made fun of." Bob said.

"Wow..... Bob, I've never seen any boy tell me what when they were friends with me, they just want be with me because they think that I'm pretty, plus, I feel bad for you. Everyone seems to not understand for who you really are, and that I really want to help you. You seem to be a really nice and interesting guy, I'm sorry about me rejecting you."

Natalie and Bob then hugged each other passionately. Then she turned around to Derek, with a stingy grin at her face.

"And for you Derek, why would you try to beat up an innocent and misunderstood kid? He is a guy like us and that he shouldn't be picked on like that. And that I can't believe that you used me to get Bob away from me, I've seen guys do that to me back at my hometown, and you are the coldest jerk I've seen. And that you are sick for badly abusing this poor fella. GOOD. DAY."

Natalie took Bob, then she got Derek's backpack and swung it hard at his gut, he was in so much pain. Natalie and Bob walked away from the injured punk.


At May 11th, 2010 while the sun rises up to greet the morning with it's bright warm shine, Bob woke up from his heavily slumber from bed. He sat on his mattress yawning loudly. Then he felt a stuffy sensation that's in his nostrils. He drugged out of his bed, then he felt a very painful sensation coming from his right calf, it felt like if a car just ran over it with full force. He slipped and fell down at the rug, splattering his mucus out of his nose.

"Uggh..... what's with me just now......" questioned Bob.

Then he struggled to get on his legs. Then he went to the bathroom, looking at the his own reflection. He was shocked on what he just saw, he appears to look like a ghastly manifestation of himself, while his mucus slithers down from his chin.

As he limps downstairs, his father and sister stare at the condition he's in. Bob covers his face with his arms, so no one would think that he's a beast. The mucus still persists to slither down from his nostrils and dropped to the floor like a faucet.

"Drip." "Drip." The two then lost their attention from flipping through the newspaper and watching TV, turning their attention to him. Bob shivers, whimpering of what they thought about him. He ran away, crying as he tries to get away from the house, leaving traces of blood and mucus.

"What do you think is wrong with him this time?" said Vanessa as she watches TV.

"Don't know, don't care." responded the father as he reads the newspaper.

Bob quickly tries to get to school as he masks his wearily face from various residents as he passes them in the sidewalk. As he sees 2 high school students about to cross through the street cautiously, Bob jumped and pushed them away like if he's the large gust of wind, leaving his remains of glutinous snot on their shoulders, faces, and in their mouth.

"What's wrong with that son of a b****?" said the victim.
The other guy clenches his fist and recognized Bob. "That bastard! He's going to pay for what he did and for what he did to my cousin's legs!"

When Bob quickly tries to dash through the street, he felt the bone on his leg pop like the sound of popcorn. He lost his balance, and fell down face flat, unable to get up. Blood oozes out of his nostrils. Not only his blood was seeping out as fast as a river current, the stream of mucus coming out of his nose becomes more adhesive, encasing half of his body like a moth caterpillar weaving a cocoon.

A driver in a gray van got a view of him laying down at the sidewalk like a piece of paper. Then he lost the possession of his vehicle and the van bashed Bob at full force, flying him to his school nearby. Then the car slipped on the mess made by Bob and it flipped. It collided with a house, causing an evil fire. It's eating the innocent people, laughing and dancing on what's happening while it travels to other places.

Later, Bob is at the front of the school, laying down face flat, with blood oozing out of his mouth like a waterfall.

"*coughs* *coughs* as he coughs out numerous amounts of blood. He looks around and notices that no one's around, that means that everyone's inside. He tried getting up. Then his leg yanked him down, causing his neck to collide with the ground, slashing his neck heavily.

Then he tries getting up enduring the pain. "Drip" "Drip" Bob slowly enters the school and limps upstairs to English Honors. He stands outside of the classroom, observing Ms. Alborn discussing about making a poem to the class.

He looks at the clock, he's astonished that there's a few minutes left as the big hand of the clock is 20 minutes past 10. Ms. Alborn stopped talking as Bob's blood and mucus excessively drips at a never ending cycle. Every student lost their attention. They focused on Bob's tethered clothes, his wrinkly eye sockets, and blood all over him, it looks as if he was mauled by a bear.

"Bob....." said Ms. Alborn.

People snickered quietly. "Bob's so weird." whispered one student.

"I know right, I never seen an idiot like him." said another one.

Bob ignores them and slowly limps to his empty desk at the back. Everyone quickly moved back, fearing that they don't get blood all over them. 2 minutes later, the bell rang. People watched Bob slowly limping out of the door, then he fell down on the floor while so much blood and mucus seeped out. Everyone felt sick to their stomach and fled from the classroom.

During Recess, Bob slowly limped to the playground, holding his heavily injured right arm. As he tried finding Natalie, he lost his balance and fell on a student.

The guy was so ticked off. "Watch it you pervert!"

He then punched Bob's stomach, triggering him to chuck up all over him with a forceful blast. It pushed him to a tree. As it hardened, he was knocked out, unable to move.

He wiped off his mouth and he slowly tried to walk to Natalie as she's chatting with her friends. As he placed his soaked hand on her pink knitted sweater, she and her friends turned around and saw his damaged body like if he got hit by a bodybuilder.


"Hi...." He greeted. He put up his head, while the mucus fell on her shoulder. Then he felt an irritable sensation and ejected many germs on them, causing them to be heavily contaminated.

Beck and the others were so angry, they kicked Bob in the stomach hard.

"AHHH!!!" he yelped in pain, as blood dripped like a faucet. People thrusts him in the balls like a bull. He coughed out blood. Then Beck forcefully managed to rip Bob's shaggy clothes, causing him to be naked like a helpless shaved kitten meowing for help.

Beck cupped his hand, popping his fingers and clenched them so hard, then he released his full-force blow on Bob's mouth, managing to disorganize his teeth. He coughed out more blood, while it streams from his mouth and nostrils.

Beck then got hold of his steel hockey stick and whacked Bob on his back like if he were a horse. He fell down and barfed out more food that he ate during lunch.

People watched as Bob get abused once again. A guy tapped Derek's shoulder.

"Hey, here's a match and a lighter." said the guy as he put them in Derek's palms.
Derek grabbed them and placed them in the pocket, having an evil smile.

Derek then slowly went to Bob, snickering as he splattered fuel all over Bob's body. Then he took out the lighter from his pocket, and threw it on Bob's head. Once again, the fire sprung up to the size of a house, laughing so hard on how Bob's body is getting devoured by it's power.

Natalie has an expressionless face as of what she's just seeing. Her pupils are the size of a grain of sand, and her blue eyes are expressionless, shaking in fear.

(Is this just happening right now? Is this for real?) though Natalie, but she knew that she knew that she had to do something. Bob screams in pain, wanting someone to help him from this abuse for the evil entity that's roasting him down from the core.

When everyone heard of how Bob's crying for help and how the fire's eating him up, they began to feel sorry for how they didn't even help him and how they used to make fun of him or what Beck and the others did to him.

"Poor Bob......"

"No one deserves to be treated this way......"

Miranda quickly stormed to Beck from behind and punched him in the face angrily.

"Beck, this is crazy! Why would you even try to do this to Bob, a guy like him doesn't deserve to be treated this way!"

Beck chuckled crazily as he sees Bob running in circles, shrieking painfully, influencing people as they try to plug their ears with their palms. Derek turned around to her.

"Come on, lighten up a bit. Just seeing this nerd getting abused is very funny, and I don't see on how it's bad." said Derek, laughing on how Bob's screaming. Then Bob fell down, and then the fire dissipates into the air, having it's last laugh, managing to keep Bob's tidy-widies.

Derek and Beck walked to Bob and forcefully bends his limbs, trying to tear them off one by one.

"AHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHAHAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob wished for this to stop as he heard popping from his shoulders, then unusually he "passed" out, while his arms curled and his pupils widen. Then the principal, Principal Kumar Catskill stormed to Beck and Derek. He pulled them from Bob's body.

"Boys, I had it with you two! I heard enough what's been happening to poor Bob here, and there's no reason on why you should try to murder one of your people!" yelled the principal.

"Come on, it's fun watching him getting abused!" whined Beck.

"But why would you do this for entertainment? Because this will cause a person to think that they have no right to live, they have a reason! This is beyond breaking the rules and both of you two and your gang is expel----"

Beck kicked him in the balls, causing him to scream in pain. Derek ran to the tree and carried a gray hard rock that's as big and heavy as a baby elephant. Then he bashed it on the principal's big shiny head, causing him to have a gash, while he passes out. So much blood quickly squirted out of his head like a water fountain, disturbing people.

"Did you just see that......."

"Yeah man..... Derek and Beck is scary....."

Derek and Beck fled with the other people of B.U.L.L.Y, laughing on what they did to the principal.

"Stupid principal!"

"Yeah man! He's so annoying!"

Everyone started to cry while they see Bob's roasted shell of a body. Bob's spiritual entity woke up as he saw his body getting far away from him. He sees an odd chain attached to his soul to his physical body, having it felt like if he was sucked into a vacuum.

"What is this!?" Bob tries to pull it off as hard as he can, then his chain began to rust slowly.

"AAAAHHHHHAAAHHHH!!!!!!!" Feeling afraid that he might lose his life, he quickly swam down his body, causing him to regain sensibility, waking up. Then the first thing he sees in Natalie's lips approaching to his eye.


He fell down a bit, causing her to giggle. Then she started to break down in tears, and then Bob got up, feeling bewildered. Then Natalie hugged him, happy that he's alive and well.
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