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Quote originally posted by HyunJae:
Where can you get Zappdos and Rayquaza? (Also if you need rank, which rank?)
At rank 16, the new blond guy that came in the city (isn't in Pokémon Island Hotel) gives you a tip that at first glance is useless, but is vital to get the legendaries.

Quote originally posted by koby12:
Dude im not going to lie I had an idea sorta like this a couple of weeks ago but never started.
The scripting is where i stopped though because i knew that the only way i could do it was to make like 3 or four pages worth.
But good job overall, liking the tm shop.
Like the Coliseum or Teleport Station? Both aren't hard to made and are done by events (except some few commands like to start a battle).
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