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I completely agree with all post. If you read the final paragraph it says "We play the game. But we don't avoid life for it. While the game is fun and addictive (I myself put in an hour or two every couple days) we mustn't turn into the image the public automatically views us in." This is in correlation with the fact that I know 99% of us ARE NOT like the man I described. It was meant to be a funny spirited post. It was entirely true I really did meet a man like that. And I really did think about quitting playing. But things are not always as an adolescent seems to believe. We link things automatically and jump to invariable conclusions, only to discover later, that it is ourselves, who we are, not what we do, that define us. Social standpoint is that if you play pokemon, above the age of 15, that you are the proverbial "black sheep." In no way do I believe such way. I still play. Am due to be married. Work. Drink with friends ect ect ect. So from here on out anyone who reads the post; please understand I am not relating pokemon to social disintegration.. merely stating a funny moment of my life. To anyone who may have thought otherwise, I apologize and hope this clears the air of the dense fog that seems to cloud me everywhere I go. I often speak in terms that I think are nice and well put... usually having the opposite effect. Forgive and forget I say.
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