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Jev sighed as he clamped himself towards Echo, snuffing out the fire against his hard insect shell. Once the fire was out. He put her down, chuckling a little. "There, feel better?" He then walks over towards both Avaith's and Mello's bed. Digging through Shadoans bag, he pulls out a small pan of jiffy pop and places it atop "Keep it on low, I'm getting a little impatient little impatient on Shadoan. As for spirit, if you don't want to talk about it, fine. I'll just talk about avai-." the fire from Avaith's head blazed a little hotter. as Jev kept his mouth shut. "Alright, alright... Please, just cook the popcorn." Shadoan sighs as the popcorn slowly finishes, leaving a silver bubble in the pan.

Shadoan looks over at Kiba and Julia walking over. Irek hopped himself onto Shadoans shoulder and chuckled. "Why didn't you take her as your own gf when you had a chance? Maybe you could have played caravan for a night in the-" "Irek, If you head the story from one of my team; If you don't keep your mouth shut, I'm shoving you into a pokeball and chucking it into the deepest ocean I can reach." Irek looked over at the approaching couple and back to Shadoan. "I'll be good." Shadoan turned his attention towards Kiba and Julia. "Whats up? I'm gathering berries and other items for my teams dinner..."


The hyper beam created a thick dust that blanketed the battlefield as the targets hit dead on. There was an awkward silence when the dust settles. The zombies remained dormant or re-dead. Examining several other bodies, their bodies conditions were all identical. Before they could take a breather, the same eerie whistle howled across the battle ground as the victimized zombies began to moan and slowly rise once more. They were Rentless! Behind the boys, there was a gap in the line of the victims advancing towards them. They could stay and fight or run like cowards.

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