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The Leafy Forest v2.0
A Grass Type Fan Club


Owner: Leaf Storm

Welcome to a quiet area of the Pokemon Clubs, an area filled with trees, green grass, and many flowers of all kinds. This is the Leafy Forest, version 2.0. Why version 2.0? I was the previous owner of the first version of the club back in 2011, but it was closed down because I was taking over other duties. But, I’ve reincarnated this club, and will make it better than ever. This club is for anyone who loves, cherishes, and adores any type of grass-type Pokemon. Whether you like to choose a grass-type starter, or a fan of certain types of moves or Pokemon in general, this is the club for you!

Bring your watering cans, and sunshine…you’ll need a lot of that!


1. All Global PokeCommunity Rules apply
2. Spam is 20% not cool, man.
3. Zero tolerance for flaming/trolling/baiting. Any of that will be reported to OzCake and Olli.
4. Of course, stay active!
5. Any member here is more than welcome to start a topic. However, don’t start a new topic if the current one hasn’t died down for more than 1 day.
6. As this is a forest, please refrain from bringing fire, or matches.
7. Have fun. That’s more important!


Rainbow Arcanine
Sector Revenge

Sign Up!

Partner Pokemon: (One Grass-Type starter & one of your choice. To be explained below)
Password: (The strongest grass-type attack, aka the owner of this club!)
Topic Answer:

Partner Pokemon & Level-Up System

You are to choose two Pokemon when you join the club. One of your Pokemon MUST be a starter. Why? Your starter Pokemon grows and evolves based on experience. So, when you begin, you start off with an unevolved starter Pokemon. Then, after 10 posts, your starter will evolve into your stage 1 form (aka Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur, Treecko -> Grovyle, etc). Your starter Pokemon will evolve into their final forms (Meganium, Serperior, etc) if you prove your activity, and/or contributiveness. That is based upon the decision of the owner of the club. So, it is important to be active!


For your 2nd Partner Pokemon, you may choose one of these grass-type Pokemon. Keep in mind that none of the starters and their evolved forms are not in this list.

Grass-Type Pokemon available to choose


Talk about the Pokemon you chose while you signed up! Why did you choose them?
Grass-Types: How often do you use them in the games?
What *do* you like about grass-types?
On the Anime, which grass-type Pokemon do you find the cutest? Toughest?
Do you think there should be a grass/fighting starter, just like Fire starters have fire/fighting? Why?
What halloween costume would look good on your Partner Pokemon? (both of them!) Be creative :D

Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells all seem to say "throw cares away",
Christmas is here, bringing good cheer to young and old, meek and the bold.
"Ding dong ding dong", that is their song with joyful ring all caroling,
One seems to hear words of good cheer from everywhere filling the air.
Oh how they pound, raising the sound. O'er hill and dale, telling their tale.
Gaily they ring while people sing songs of good cheer, Christmas is here!
Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas! Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!
On on they send, on without end, their joyful tone to every home.
Moderator of FC&G ~ Paired to Buoysel & Kanzler

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