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Explain why you chose your two Pokémon

*ahem* With the starter I was torn completely between Treecko and Snivy. I absolutely adore them both; they're everything that Grass types should be imo. They're agile, tricky, dexterous, sneaky and most of all they can take a punch. These are all qualities I associate largely with Grass type Pokémon and I feel that these two starters summarize them very well; as for how I decided between the two, Luke chose Treecko for me :p

Choosing a second Pokémon was also incredibly difficult, but easier :D I was stuck between Sewaddle (my favourite Grass type), Foongus (my second favourite), and Snover (it's just really cool and interesting xD), but I chose Foongus because it's just utterly adorable. Look up at it's sprite and tell me I'm wrong! The way it moves it's little arms around n'awwww <333 I've always loved Foongus from the start partially because it's freaking adorable, but also because I love Poison types (Grass/Poison in particular), so there wasn't much chance of me disliking the little mushroom Pokémon. I also love it's evolution because despite being a huge derp face, it's actually pretty cute and can make for an incredibly interesting team member in a battle (seriously, if you've never tried using an Amoonguss I definitely recommend it). The reason I chose it over the other two is simply because Snover's evolution is horrific and I fear that Sewaddle would be chosen by everyone and I'm vain like that. xD