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Mt Coronet. I got so lost in there the first time... also the Hms. Defog, really? Three water Hms, really? C'mon D/HG!

And lastly but most importantly...the beginning of Diamond. My God. Could I possibly be moving at a slower pace! And You have to walk for what feels like ages! And then you encounter a wild pokemon while walking and that whole animation is soooooo slow blargarbhargle! And even once you get the running shoes and then the bike, it STILL feels like you're going 1 mile per hour! Is this genetic? Was my father a garden snail, or a slugma, or a shellos or something of that sort, and my mother "accidentally" put salt on his food, leaving the last memory of him in my speed-hindering DNA?!?!? GAHHH! D:<

Okay. Rant over.
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