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Welcome, Eeveemaster and Jaegir! I've been meaning to get back to this thread to reply for ages now, but I somehow keep managing to get distracted and never quite got here!

Originally Posted by Scarf
And, side note, I'm pretty pissed at all the violence that's spread across the Muslim world. People angered that their religion is attacked with accusations that it's full of bad things including violence acting out with violence. Hypocritical? I know a lot of this violence is being organized specifically by anti-American groups who are themselves using religion to push people, but the people being pushed don't seem to have to be pushed really hard to accept the argument that insulting Islam means it's okay to use violence and attack people who have nothing to do with the offending statements.
I know, right? Apparently this has been happening all over the world. I recently heard that it even happened in Sydney last weekend. Australia had nothing to do with the video that sparked any of it, but it seems we're just all being lumped together as "the Western world" and they're protesting us all as a group as though the entire world is America. In any case, the violence here is a classic example of humans distorting the concept of what religion is theoretically meant to be.

Originally Posted by Eeveemaster9
I consider myself eclectic pagan (wiccan), not atheist. However, much of my beliefs are tied into everything else.
I think this is the part of your post that interested me the most. If I had to choose a religion, it would definitely be Wicca... ashamedly because I love the idea of witches and magic, rather than out of any actual belief in what you believe. Though I'm interested in what you meant by "much of my beliefs are tied into everything else."

Originally Posted by Jaegir
in case this hasn't already been shared.
36 Arguments For The Existence Of God in PDF format.
It hasn't been shared yet, thanks! Unfortunately I doubt I'll ever have the time to sit and read through 53 pages, but I will give it a skim tonight (after work) and pick out some things from the contents that I find particularly interesting XD

Originally Posted by Bear
Anyone familiar with The Atheist Experience? It's an hour-long cable access television show in Austin, Texas geared towards a non-atheist audience. People call in with questions and challenges for its atheist presenters (their quarterback being Matt Dillahunty) regarding religion and unbelief.
Haha, I'd completely forgotten about these guys. I remember seeing a few of their YouTube videos a while back, including the one you linked. They can come off as a little douchey sometimes which is not what the reputation I want atheists to get, but on the whole it's excusable because the callers call in with no prepared argument and basically say "LOOK WHAT JESUS DID! LOOK WHAT JESUS DID!"

Originally Posted by Scarf
On top of that there are certain laws that say bystanders must help people in emergencies. Could there not be an argument for something like this in liver-girl's case? And then by extension to pregnancy?
I actually didn't know about this law until I watched the final episode of Seinfeld and saw that they were all put in prison for a year for failing to obey that law . But I don't think that the law could ever feasibly extend to organ donation simply because a law stating that you must help somebody in an emergency would never state that you would be required to do it at your own peril. If helping somebody in an emergency put my life in danger (as surgery for organ donation does), it would have to be entirely voluntary and not because a law told me to do so.

"So this is why God bombed us."

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