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Fifth and final part of the One-in-each challenge completed - Amanda the Audino on Black!

Name: Jd
Starter: Oshawott

Beat the first gym with Oshawott and the gift Pansear, then caught Amanda the Audino in the Route 2 shaking grass.


Elite Four Round 1:

N and Ghetsis:

Unova Postgame:

Elite Four Round 2:

Champion Alder:

Video of battle against Champion Alder:

Hall of Fame:

Team Jd:

Amanda the Calm Audino, ♀ - L100 @ Leftovers
Ability: Regenerator
Moves: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Last Resort
Final Stats: 384/142/201/186/209/154

Active Challenges:

FireRed - HeartGold - Emerald - Platinum - Black 2

Completed Ultimate Challenges (through Gen V):
Ultimate Monotype:

Ultimate Monocolor:

Fireheart: L88, L88, L71, L76, L100; Palin: L98, L92, L86, L100, L100
Excalibur: L75, L88, L87, L84, L100; Nagini: L100, L96, L100, L100, L100
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