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Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
Asia - 11
Africa - 0
North America - 22
South America - 0
Australia - 7
Europe - 55
in south africa 3-7 million people are using the internet so need less to saythey have everything else all i needed to prove was with out a reasonable doubt africa had wifi which i proved
Objection! "Your Objection was Objectionable!"

But seriously, I wasn't just talking about South Africa. What about the others, *****? You have not proved anything on your side of the case, and the only Internet that some parts of Africa has is Emails, according to one of your "Diagrams". So technically you haven't proved anything, so Africa has technically got no Internet.

Asia - 15
Africa - 0
North America - 28
South America - 0
Australia - 11
Europe - 61