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It's actually alarming the amount of you guys that are accidentally ruining your hearing
The tiny hairs inside your ears are incredibly fine and if damaged don't grow back. EVER.

For example if you have the inner ear earbuds for your iPod having it play at 100% volume is between 100 and 120 dB which you can listen to a maximum of 2hours (100dB) or 4.5minutes (120 dB) a day and still avoid permanent damage provided you hear nothing for 24 hours after that.

80% volume is where I have it at generally and that peaks at 94dB so I've got just over 4 and half hours of daily listening.

I'd also like to add, that I'm not having a go at anyone for liking loud music I'm just trying to spread awareness. And all you guys who listen to it relatively quiet keep up the good work
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