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I sighed still not knowing where Kira was. I looked at Lucario and smiled softly and walked towards her. She smiled at me and knew what I was going to ask before the words escaped my mouth. She looked around and started sensing for Kiras aura and brought us outside and pointed towards the forest. I smiled and took Lulus and Pikachus Pokeballs out and returned them into the Pokeballs.

"Alright Buizel lets see how fast you can really go. Is it alright if you use aqua jet to take us to Kira" The Buizel nodded and smiled and allowed me onto it's back which wasn't a hard task due to me not being heavy. Buizels body slowly turned into water and we took off at full speed towards the forest. I smiled as the wind blew through my hair and after a few minutes we arrived by Kira, Teal and Tristen.

"Good job Buizel" I said and stroked the now wet fur on his head. It smiled with glee and jumped around and hugged me causing me to get my clothes wet. I slightly chuckled and took out Buizels Pokeball out and returned it into it.
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