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Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
I'm actually starting to think our govt. is afraid of another war so they are trying to change rules to make other countries think we are no longer a Christian based country. You guy's think that this could be a possibility?
Argument start's now. Well not argument but you know what I'm saying.
Muslim fundamentalists do not hate people for being Christian. They hate anybody who does not believe letter-by-letter in the same exact things they do (like any other flavour of fundamentalism in the world). So being more secular is not a way to confound the extremists- they'll still hate the US for having elections instead of letting God choose their leader. Or for having cinemas. Or for having musical radio stations, which, according to some crazy islamic groups "brainwashes the human brain with messages from the devil". Removing mandatory prayers is not going to help that, but it will help the kids who don't believe in the majority religion not feel "different" or forced to believe in anything they don't.

And, if your post was copied from an article somewhere on the internet, could you please link to the original source? Thanks.
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