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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
I'm actually starting to think our govt. is afraid of another war so they are trying to change rules to make other countries think we are no longer a Christian based country. You guy's think that this could be a possibility?
Argument start's now. Well not argument but you know what I'm saying.
As Went has already summed up, it's highly doubtful that's the case.
Besides, America is up there for having one of the biggest military influence in the world overall. I'd be more concerned about America starting another war and creating new enemies for itself over having it declared on them.

I think it simply comes down to having a skewed view of equality. At the moment it seems as if the government(s) are trying too hard to make everybody happy when it'd be much more simple to bring everyone down to base level of mutual understanding.
An example: I know especially in Australia our government was making our home a lot more 'homely' for new arrivals from foreign countries and the current generation Australians were getting fairly violent from it. It may have been better if the government just let them slip in relatively unnoticed than to make a big uproar over it drawing attention.
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