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In my high school marching band, we would say a prayer before each game, however if you felt uncomfortable praying or whatever, you didn't have to say the prayer or you could step out for a moment. It was never a big deal until someone decided to start telling their parents that our band director was forcing them to say the prayer, even though he wasn't. The prayer was always student led. I don't see a problem in this, because no one's forced to do it and it's not the administration making you do it or anything.

I also think it's silly that we can't have a Bible in school. If you want to bring your Bible and read it, that shouldn't be a problem, unless you start preaching it to everyone. I guess there was some problem with that happening?

Even when teachers go over evolution or different religions in class, they always say "I'm not trying to tell you to join this religion or change your beliefs, this is just in the curriculum" and that's kind of sad really. Actually having to tell your students that you're not trying to change their religion or anything is silly, but then you have people like I mentioned earlier that take things out of proportion and tell their parents false things and then it gets put in the newspaper and such. If I had to guess, there are just a large number of students going home and complaining about something like this and then parents go and complain to the administration. That's just a guess, though.

My point is that praying in school shouldn't be an issue as long as it's not forced or led by school leadership, and if you want to bring your Bible to read, that shouldn't be an issue either as long as you're not preaching it or shoving it down anyone's throat. But hey, these days, everything seems to be taken as offensive

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