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All systems were online and functioning. The shuttle was fresh from the repair bay. The crew prepped. It should have worked., but no one could account for treachery. The shuttle had only launched moments before the station ruptured, and fireballs flew into space as the oxygen was leeched. The shuttle pulled multiple G’s on entry and was getting pummeled by debris. The pilot had to take her down , but a major hit to the thrusters left them dropping faster then gliding. The shuttle skidded across the alien soul before it dug in leaving a long rut behind it. With debris impacts, a fire towards the back, and the crash impact about half the crew was dead. Those who remained now were stuck on the planet they had been sent to for a mission that now meant nothing.


Izic stood staring blankly at the inside of his helmet. He had gotten into it since he wanted to get right to work when they landed. Now he couldn’t even conceive movement. Everything seemed to be stopped. His breathing was so slow he didn’t know if he was. All he felt was his heart beat beating abnormally, going in short rapid bursts. His lips quivered as he tried to form a word.

“…Let’s get to work.” Izic said.

He loojed around, and found a tare in the hull big enough fo him to get out through. Staggering Izic made his way towards the gap. He looked out at the crash site. It was taking ever fiber of Izic’s being to keep moving. His mind was nothing but a void of confusion. He didn’t know what could be expected. Could this crew do anything now? Should they? The conflicting thoughts enraged him.

“I suggest anyone who is alive gets their suit or their gear and meet me outside. If you’d rather not I’m sure you can find a gun or a knife lying around if you know what I mean. Actually use the knife the rest of us need the ammo.” Izic said stepping out.

Izic stepped down into knee high, compared to his suit, blue green grass. Extending his long swords he began to hack and slash at the plants letting out bellows of rage as he did so. He couldn’t sort out his emotions. His fury was coming out the most, but he really wanted to just break down.

(So there you go the crash, and the first character reaction. Izic got a bit twisted with the stress, but he’ll probably get back to his usual personality later.))


The area around the crash is a very barren plain. The smoke spiriling up from the crash is visable for miles. Even if you stray from the crash it is very easy to find. Not only for you, but also for the local wildlife. Be wary creatures lurk nearby.
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