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Welcome to the amazing forum that is PC, CT! :DD

You'll love our Emulation section; we have some amazing hacks here on the forum as our members are very talented. :3 I like hacks as well, though I've only played a few including Shiny Gold and Flora Sky.

Anyway, it's not too often we see Nidoqueen fans pop up, so that's pretty neat~! I've liked both Nidoran lines for a long time, so we're similar in that regard as well, aha. Though now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever used them on my team..

But yeah, hopefully you've been enjoying the forum so far! Definitely go explore and get acquainted with this place when you're able, as it's very worth it. We're very active so there's always something new popping up. n_n

So enjoy your stay, all right? I'm always open if you need any help, as well!

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