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Originally Posted by pichu2000 View Post
The packed bone command start after polygon definition. There's a preliminary table that contain start offset, size, header size, flag (0x10 for each entry table).
Then there's packed bone command (each polygon usually start with 0x40 (BEGIN_VTXS)). There are a sequence of 4 command id, then there's parameters for each command, then other 4 command id, then the parameters and so on. The polygon usually end with 0x41 (END_VTXS).
I hope I give you the right answer!
Oh yes, I also forgot to mention that I was trying to convert the map data from B2/W2 (which is the same as B/W).

I'm not sure if I did it correctly, 'cause there isn't any BDHC in the BW map files. So I stopped at the area before where it has many 00 bytes and some 80 and 81 bytes, I wonder if that area is the movement permissions area? 'Cause it doesn't have any 40 or 41 bytes in that area.

But I did try to open up the BMD0 data that I extracted in NSBMD.exe, but it appeared and disappeared quickly when I dragged it to the program.

Nevermind, I managed on my own. The bytes for the BMD0 end at where the "0x20" bytes are, just right before (what I think is) the movement permissions.

I'll see what I can do with this model now, time to convert it into a compatible format using 3dvia Printscreen. A new program I discovered on some Mario Kart DS hacking forum.
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