Thread: D/P/Pt: Uxie, Mesprit or Azelf?
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This was a difficult decision between Uxie and Azelf, they're both Pokemon I adore. I ended up picking the wise Azelf for a few reasons.For Uxie,it's sleeping expression is something that always made me smile, just how adorable it is xD! It's moveset and stats are decent as well. Other than that, I think it's design is just the best out of the three Lake Guardians.

Azelf, being the willpower Pokemon I just personally love. I'm a person who uses willpower often and would most likely resemble this beautiful Pokemon. Its design is also stunning, I personally think. All of Azelf basicially is different shades of blue, a wonderful colour I like.

Mespirit, isn't a Pokemon I like. The design is rather ugly, in my opinion and the choice of colours wasn't really my thing. It also frustrated me when I was attempting to catch it for my Pokedex in Platinum so I kind of loathe it now.

So yeah this was a pretty difficult decision, but I decided on the intelligent Azelf.
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