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Quote originally posted by Cirno:
All right, I really want to get back into clubbing again, so here I am~!

Name: Cirno
Partner Pokemon: Snivy (oh my godd how I wish I could choose Chikorita too) and Whimsicott
Password: Go, Snivy, use Leaf Storm!
Topic Answer: I didn't start loving Snivy until a little while after B/W's release. Its line was all right to me at first, but eventually later down the line, something just "clicked" with me and Snivy. <3 Plus it can get pretty strong with Swords Dance + Leaf Blade, which is one of my favorite comboes.

Whimsicott is reallyyyy cute (like Snivy) and fluffy, plus really fun to play with! I love the moves it learns and can't seem to keep it off my team no matter what now. :DD

But yeah, I also adore Chikorita because it is really cute (yep, I love cute). It's rather weak and doesn't learn many good moves, but does make a decent wall in the game when evolved.

YAY CIRNY! Welcome aboard to the leafy forest <3. I did knew that you'd be choosing Whimsicott for some reason, because it's been your favorite! :3 I have a Cottonee in my game but I have yet to evolve it, I need a Sun Stone for that. D:

Quote originally posted by Seraphimon-sama:
Name: Seraphimon-sama
Partner Pokemon: Snivy and Celebi
Password: Leaf Storm
Topic Answer: I picked Snivy because it is so cute, and I picked Celebi for the same reason and because it shares a type with my favourite type (Psychic).

I actually adore Celebi! One of my favorite grass-type legendaries alongside Virizion. Also, expand a bit on why Snivy is cute. I know it's cute but...any reason why? xD

Quote originally posted by Avishka:
welcome new members!!!

Lilligant can focus on Quiver Dancing, etc. And its artwork are my favorites from all the grass pokemon and it is stunningly beautiful!~ <3
the sprites are also cute <3

Ahh, okay! I actually like the Shiny sprite a lot more than the regular. It's going to take some time to find/RNG a shiny Petilil to evolve it to shiny Lilligant. I do agree, it is "stunningly beautifuuuul :D"

Kay, now I'm starting a new topic! MidnightShine brought this topic before so now I'm finally approving it as first official group topic: Grass-Types, how often do you use them in the games?

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