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Your Partner Eevee Name: Shadow the Eevee.
Why do you like Eevee: Ever since I received one in my first Pokemon game, Pokemon Silver, I have liked it and it's evolutions a lot, especially Umbreon. I believe that it is a revolution (Or Superior) to the Pokemon Family, and that it's Pokedex Entry is one to behold.

Answering The Current Topic: My favourite is Umbreon because it looks cool, has a good design, and if you give it a good Move-Set, it would be a boss in a battle. Plus the fact that it is only weak to two Types and that it is immune to Psychic makes it a very awesome Pokemon in battle (It's Defenses and HP adds to the awesomeness). It may not be an attacker like most of the Eeveelutions, but it is the most formidable in my opinion (If you teach it Charm or Curse, it can also be very good). Flareon, however, comes in at a close Second Place.

Also, a Banner for y'all!