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Quote originally posted by IrishAurum:
I can't wait to play this on my youtube channel! It has my name in it!
I'll let you know whenever I release a playable beta.
Related: I'm planning to do a video showcasing a significantly edited map once I get a bit more of to-do list items crossed off.

Quote originally posted by Al3X:
I think you should have encounters with dragon type, or dragon related pokemon similar like how you battle Lugia, Oh-Ho, Lapras, or snorlax and even if you don't have pokeballs or anything you keep the pokemon after defeating it? Maybe a pokeball, but it's in your key items or something along the lines of that? Thoughts?
I'm guessing that you are asking for Event Pokemon that can be somehow caught.
That seems to be a better idea than random NPC's handing out Pokemon.
I think I will run with your suggestion with some Pokemon (as Charmander obviously should be given by Elm).

As for the Key Item Balls, I'll have to think out the details when I'm actually working on that part of the game. Right now I'm doing some easy editing with map tools while learning some rudimentary Assembly.. I've been so busy and heaped with stuff that I didn't have time to work on the hack until today.
Pokémon Aurum Version:
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