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Rosalyn Smith
Academy Cafeteria

Rosalyn glanced at Jimmy her head still on his shoulder and let out an inaudible sigh at what he said, she figured he didn't like anyone which is why she had no plans on telling him. She would rather have a crush on him and not tell him, than risk having her heart broken. Plus, she didn't want to risk her friendship with him. "at this point I'm probably stuck in the friend zone" she thought.

"so, what are your plans for the afterno-" Rosalyn started to say when suddenly a loud roar was heard, it startled her making her jump slightly and then hug Jimmy tight.

"w-what was that?" she said eyes wide as her Pokemon looked at her worriedly.

Genevieve Molyneux
Academy Grounds

"S-Sapphire!" Genevieve scolded a frown on her face as well as disappointment in her eyes. "you shouldn't have done that, either you apologize or your going back into your Pokeball, and don't do anything like that again, today is not the day for that" she said disappointment in her tone as well. Sapphire looked down at the ground and sighed before glancing at Lucario and giving a nod that qualified as an apology.

Genevieve meanwhile glanced at Maxwell and then took a step forward speaking to the boys Lucario. "I'm really sorry she did that, i-is he going to be okay?" she asked nervously. "Sapphire, she's just..." Genevieve sighed "really, protective of me, s-she thought your trainer had upset me earlier, and acted out because of it" she sighed more hugging Maxwell's Togepi egg gently drawing a bit of comfort and happiness from it. "she's normally very sweet.." she continued missing the glare and shake of the head from her Simipour.
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