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Kiara Wilson

Kiara smiled and shook her head "I'm sure you were doing just that" she chuckled her tone full of sarcasm. "Though I'm used to the way you act Brown. Matt... you'll get used to him, he's one of Mr. D's kids, so he drinks a lot, though he's immune to the affects, I not" she said shaking her head as she remembered the first and last time she had ever had wine. She'd never forget how crazy she acted, bouncing all over the place before passing out in the middle of camp, she was also sure that those who were witness to it would never let her forget either.

Matt nodded and shook Brown's hand. "it's nice to meet you Brown, and I'm sure I'll get used to you like Kiara said" he smiled slightly looking at his link "Felix doesn't take real quickly to new People, but he'll get used to you soon enough as well"

Kiara snickered and looked at Matt. "Felix isn't even used to me yet Lil brother, and he sees me every day"

"yeah, you are right Kiara" Matt said "so when are we gonna start?" he asked.

"lets give it a few minutes, to see if anyone else turns up" Kiara said and she smiled looking back at Brown. "so, what are you up to Brown?"
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