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Quote originally posted by MrGriszell:
But we are only talking about a year. I don't see why you find it hard that Nintendo would finish the generation on the same platform. I mean the 3ds isnt going anywhere.
But why must Gen 5 contain Gen 3 remakes? Everyone assumes they WILL happen next and that they HAVE to be the next games. They aren't 100% necessary. We can move on to Gen 6 without them.

The 3DS has been out for a year and a half. The big titles need to move onto the system. The longer they wait to move onto the 3DS, the fewer titles they can release for that platform.

Quote originally posted by MrGriszell:
Imagine if emerald came out for the DS . Would gen 4 games have impressed us as much?
Which is why Gen 3 remakes could always be saved for Gen 6. Why must they come next, and on the DS?

Quote originally posted by MrGriszell:
Now one way my argument could be invalid is if you point out the differences between gen 4 and gen 5 despite them being on the same platform. And you know what you got me there.
Gen 3 released its final game before the DS was released. (unless you count Gale of Darkness) Gen 4 released its final game before the 3DS was even announced. The 3DS will be over 2 years old in February. This time next year, it will be 2.5 years old. Nintendo is probably already planning the successor to the 3DS, so they have to do something. They can't just keep waiting. And considering The Pokemon Company got the development kits for it first, it is very odd that they have yet to move the main series to the 3DS yet.

Quote originally posted by MrGriszell:
Frankly I would love if the remakes came out on the 3ds. It could give us a little taste of what gen 6 could be.

But I believe the remakes would be for the DS.
Again, yet must it be the DS? Why must it come BEFORE Gen 6? Can we not have Gen 5 without remakes? I see nothing wrong with Gen 6 coming and THEN Gen 3 remakes, if we get them at all.

Quote originally posted by MrGriszell:
I don't think Nintendo would rush a game out just so it could be on a new platform, when they could wait a year and kick off a new gen on the new platform. Especially when new versions of said platform could come out within another year( 3dsi anyone?)
They would rush it to sell more consoles. That's where they make their money. Think about it: Would Nintendo rather someone buy 2 $35 Pokemon games on a DS they've owned for years, or would they want them to buy the $170 console as well? Nintendo knows that the Pokemon main series is very popular, which is why they'd want to use it to make money off of its consoles. A main series Pokemon game on the 3DS would surely increase sales of the 3DS.

And the 3DS XL has already been released, which is another sign they really should move to the 3DS already.

Quote originally posted by MrGriszell:
Of course if Nintendo do planed for the remakes in advance then I have nothing to worry about

I just don't think waiting another year to put Pokemon main games on the 3Ds is a bad bussiness Decision. It's seems more shrewd to wait. And I like to think of the Japanese as a shrewd people lol
If Gen 6 on the 3DS comes in 2014, the 3DS will be over 3 years old. That would be a terrible decision to make. It's refusing to accept advances in technology, which usually gets you left behind. Game Freak has a chance to upgrade their games, but refusing to do so will hurt them.

Quote originally posted by MrGriszell:
Of course what do I know. I have no facts to back up what I'm saying( of course no one here has facts to back up there claims, hence it being a speculation thread) but this is what I believe will happen

Whether I'm right or wrong in the end I win with a new Pokémon game
Common sense says that releasing games on a dead system is a bad idea. There's a reason why Game Boy games are no longer made.

Quote originally posted by MrGriszell:
This article really gives some insight

1UP: Was there any pressure from Nintendo to put the game on 3DS? I don't know how much clout Nintendo has when it comes to the development of the core Pokémon games, I'm just curious. Obviously, having a 3DS Pokémon game would be a huge incentive for millions of people to run out and buy a 3DS system. I was just wondering if you could speak to that at all.

JM: No. [laughs] Not really, in terms of pressure. When you think about video game systems, kids usually get them by getting money from their parents and then going to buy the systems, so a lot of time they can't have purchased the newest systems, the brand new gadget that comes out. With Pokémon, it's a game about communication. It's a communication tool. Because of that, the hardware with the most units out, the hardware that the most people have, really is a good fit for the Pokémon games, so more people can play with it and communicate with each other. That's something that Nintendo is very understanding about.
Game Freak wanted to release Gen 5 before the 3DS. That's fine and makes sense for that release period. But now, the 3DS has been out for a year and a half. By the time the next game (whatever it is) comes out, the 3DS will be 2 years old. That's plenty of time to sell units. They really have no reason to not release the next games on the 3DS.
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